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Mmt toyota aygo 2007 has a whining n judder when setting off

Kay barker

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Hi I have a 2007 mmt toyota aygo and I think I have a problem. I noticed a judder when I am first setting off mainly when the car has stood for a period of time, mainly over night, there is also a slight loss of power when I set off too. I have also noticed a whining/bubbly/purring noise. My main concern is that it could b the gearbox. Any suggestions on what the prob could be.

Thank you

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Hi Kay and welcome to the board. 😊

I am sorry that nobody has answered your question as yet and I don't think that I am going to shed much light on it, as I don't have much experience of the MMT box.  However you mention a judder and a loss of power, along with a whining noise after your car has been standing for a while.  This might sound a bit daft but about a year ago, I had a partially siezed rear brake cylinder on my Aygo and that caused the car to judder a little when moving off from cold,  whine/grind a bit and of course it felt sluggish.  The cylinder freed itself after a hundred yards or so but I got it quickly repaired (It cost very little to fix at my local independant and very trusted garage) and the problem never came back....Touch wood! 😉

That might not help in the slightest but I didn't want you to think that we were ignoring a new member to the site......We're not a bad lot......A set of numpties at times but not a bad lot. 😁

Anyway, all the best and good luck in sorting the problem out. 😊

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Could it also b a power steering problem. If so how much could this cost to fix because I'm also hearing a whirring sound when turning. I also think I have a timing belt problem as I have a rattle and have heard this can cause the sluggishness n loss in power. Any suggestions please 😀

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