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Key Fob Will Lock but Not Unlock

Sandra Cardwell

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Husbands key wouldn't open the car so used key itself to open drivers door which of course started the alarm. Had to be somewhere so managed to turn off the alarm by clicking on the Lock button then drove to where we needed to be,  which also happened to be by a good Car Accessory shop.

bought batteries for the fob and got back home without incident. Changed the batteries and used the key to lock the car. Didn't use the car again for 48 hours.  Went to open again and nothing happened. 

Tried re-configuring the fob using instructions in the handbook but didn't work. Husband thinks a relay may be at fault but, our Haynes Manual doesn't say which fuse box or which relay.  Would love some expert help please.  Thank you.

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I have full experience and fixed same issues. The key is slightly out of sync. Here is the link and it is also covered by the owners manual, if you still have it.

Hopefully this will solve your problem. If not, reply to this. 

Good luck.


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Yeh!    Thank you Konrad,  followed the instructions and it worked.  Have made the instructions clear below for anyone reading this.

Open driver's door,

Sit in car put key in the ignition, turn on, but don't start the engine

Wait 10 seconds then press the unlock button twice,

You will hear the doors make a locking sound

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31 minutes ago, FROSTYBALLS said:

Shouting removed.

Maybe she was shouting for joy. 🤸‍♀️😀 All capital letters is deemed as shouting. 📢
Glad the fix worked though. :thumbsup:

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