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Aerial disintegrated


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My Auris aerial rubber material disintegrated a few month ago and broke off half the aerial which meant that I could only receive "strong" stations such as BBC State radio 4, or 1.

After having to put up with listening to the BBC State propaganda rubbish about the fake chemical attack in Salisbury (worlds most toxic chemical put into their drink, ....no it was sprayed on them by a Russian passer by,...no it was put in their car A/C, ...no it was put on their car door handles, .... no it was put on their house door knob,.....and finally ...a friend sent them some cornflakes from Russia which had it and all 3 people miraculously survived... the only that were killed were the Skripals cat and guinea pigs killed by our own regime)   I decided to remedy the situation and looked for a suitable replacement. On the internet there are numerous aerials for sale and some come with adaptors which I thought wouldn't look that good or be that sturdy and also may not fit the car. 


I finally found one that was suitable for less than £1, the most important measurement you need is that the metal thread has to be 5mm diameter and screws into the base. 

Now I am dancing in my car listening to some old school on the way home from work like this guy 




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Considering we have the same model, what's the reception on your side? When going out of the city i have to switch stations often, i tried switching to a bigger aerial, some 40cm or so, but this one caused very loud wind noise around 50kmh, so i switched to a smaller one, but i get the feeling reception is the same with all 3.

Comparing to my previous car, mazda 3, reception is more or less the same between the two, which i then presume is just standard.

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The reception with the new aerial seems better, but it is the same size as the one. I didn't want one any longer as like you say, it will be noisy and more likely to snap off again. If anything I would have preferred a smaller aerial but this was the cheapest I could find so if it breaks again I'll just spend another £1 and get a new one. Pics below of the new one and the disintegrated one.

PS the sellotape at the top has  been put on by me to stop the top coming off.






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