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Suspension lubrication ?

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Will be renewing the wishbones complete with rubbers and wondered if the rubbers should be lubricated with anything or just left dry so they don't attract and dirt ?

Also the bush bolts, best to give then a careful grease  or again left dry ?

Was going to give the metal work a coat of Hammerite  unless there's anything better ?

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In general, I like to grease suspension bolts, though not yet had to do anything on my Corolla (assuming that the rubber bushes have a steel inner sleeve). If nyloc nuts, then I'd try and avoid grease on the thread the nyloc engages on.

Where, in the past, I've had to fit/squeeze rubber bushes into the wishbones, I've tried using Waxoyl, though I can't remember how successful it was.

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Polyurethane bushes last longer. Worth consideration but are more expensive if you can find them. Silicon spray is best to put them in with.

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