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Looking for Rear Brake Back Plates


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I live in the Isle of Man - It's a small Island part way between England and Ireland. I have a 1997 Celica convertible, in lovely condition, but the rear brake back plates have rusted away completely (it rains a lot here). New ones have been quoted in the UK at at circa £700 ($900) per pair. After new brake calipers, disks, pads etc the cost almost comes up to the value of the car!  I can get them a little cheaper from Japan. My plan was to see if I could get them from a breakers Yard, but in the UK they are all rusted away too. I then thought perhaps a yard in Texas, Arizona etc where the conditions are much better for cars. Unfortunately I cannot seem to locate any as nearly all list parts (excluding the ones I want) and yards have not responded to emails. The parts I need (I understand part numbers are the same in the USA although the ST numbers differ, are

Right Hand Side – 46503 20010

Left Hand Side 46504 20010

Any advice, ideas or contact you might have would be much appreciated. In the UK eBay lists cars being broken, but I cannot find the same for eBay Us

 Thank you



Brake Back Plate Celica.jpg

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The back plates on most cars with disc brakes don't really do anything other than offer a shield against stones getting in the brakes. 

I have had quite a lot of time looking after Land Rovers, back plates on those rust quite nicely and I have found you can fail an MOT for rusty back plates but if they aren't there, they can't fail. We tend to leave them off these days if they are showing signs of corrosion.



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I agree with Craggle, take them off and throw them away. The backplates are so expensive they are a joke, if they are not fitted they cannot be failed due to corrosion, you might get an advisory comment from the MOT tester but that's all. I used to do MOT's for many years so I like to think I might know a bit of what I am talking about.

It's the same as having a bald tyre on a spare wheel, the idea being if it is bald you could of simply of took it out before the MOT test as it's not a fail not to have a spare wheel.

Good luck and let us all know how you got on.

Regards, Mike.

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