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help Where to spray Wynns carb cleaner SR180?


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Hi All, 

recently purchased Auris SR180 - love the car but only getting average of 30-33MPG even on V power diesel. 

I plan on removing the EGR and cleaning as per the sticky on the forum. 

I also have a new K and N panel air filter arriving this week. 

I have just ordered some Wynns DPF cleaner which i will put in the tank next time i fill up 

I also ordered Wynns 500ml air intake and carburettor cleaner which is a spray. 

Instructions state to get engine warm, remove air cleaner and put choke in open position and spray into air intake manifold. 

Newbie here can somebody help and tell me where the choke and intake manifold is? is and how i adjust it to open? and i presume the air filter i need to remove is the panel K and N one i have arriving? 

hoping this was a quick and easy think but already struggling! 

is there a video or pictures for this? 

any help or walk through would be appreciated 

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Your car has direct injection, and not a carburettor. Carburettors were previously used on petrol engines, but not for a long time now.

Maybe you can try something like this instead https://www.wynns.eu/product/injector-cleaner-for-petrol-and-diesel/

Given the big displacement of the engine, maybe the cause of your MPG is a heavy foot?


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Hi Furtula, 

thanks for the reply, i understand the car does not have a carburettor but this wynns can also be used on the air intake manifold i just pull of the pipe and spray in intervals until can is gone from instructions and youtube videos - i dont know about the choke though. 

i already have Wynns Extreme diesel 3 in one to put int he fuel tank which will clean DPF and EGR etc i also wanted to do the spray to tick all the boxes. 

defo not due to driving style i upgraded from a Yaris 1.5 T sport which i would get average of 38mpg!!! 

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Thanks Gents.... so my 31-33MPG is expected guess i shouldn't be moaning as its a 2.2

Craig - nice one, so i literally pull out air intake pipe and spray directly into the system? 

do i need remove my panel air filter?  

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