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Rear Cam bolts Rav4 Mk 2

Robert 3

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I've got a Rav 4 Mk 2 (2000) vehicle.

I want to change the rear cam bolts. The originals are a bit rusted.

I've got all the parts including the "Super Pro" suspension parts.

Any advice from someone who's been down this road already would be welcome.

I'd get this car wheel aligned after the job is done. "Quick Fit" locally could do the job.

They've got the kit.



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The usual issue is that the cam tube seizes to the bush and in difficult cases it’s necessary to cut off the ends of the tube in order to remove the suspension arm. It’s easier to remove and install the mounting bush with a hydraulic press but you can improvise with a threaded bar and suitable spacers.

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The "super-pro" bushings come in two halves so I imagine that after you've removed the old camber bolts and their bushes

first by knocking out the old bolts with a lump hammer, then after lubing you first insert the blue plastic bushes and then you push through the

tube which fits the camber bolts next. I take it you are saying one has to remove the suspension arm to do this job?

I've just seen a You Tube video of someone replacing the cam bolts from the rear of a Rav 4 Mk2 . He knocked out the old bolt and simply replaced it with a new one.

He did not replace the bushes or the central tube. So his rear suspension could't have been that bad.



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