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2009 Toyota Auris Rear Tail lights


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Hi there, I have a 2009 Toyota Auris 1.33 Dual vvti. I want to face lift the rear lights to the 2010 onwards lights. Does anyone know if this is possible without having to change the rear bumper?

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I presume you want to switch gen1 lights for gen2?

Gen1 lights have 2 metal bolts, which are screwed from inside the trunk with 2 bolts, and there are 2 small plastic tips used for aligning.

There is no connection for bumper, and no need to remove it.

You might need to remove some interior plastic in order to get better access to the lights, in case it's not willing to go out that easily.


I do like gen2 tail lights much more, i wanted to know if connectors are the same, and it's just bolt out bolt in type of thing?

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I saw some tutorial how to replace a light bulb on mk2 Auris, where the guy took the bumper for no real reason, then half of interior, just to unscrew 2 screws which you could do from the holes that are in the boot, intended for this.

Anyway,  while he was taking the lights out i noticed that the plug  in mk2 is placed vertically, while in mk1 it's horizontally, but the connector somewhat looks the same in size. 

In case it's not plug n play, i think one afternoon would  be enough to rewire it to the new connector, with a helper.


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Lets be clear on this:

1) the first generation was manufactured from 2007 to October 2012, and received a facelift in 2010

2) the second generation (a re-worked first generation which carried forward the Type Approval from 2007) went on sale December 2012.

The OP is asking about the first generation post facelift rear lights, not the second generation's rear lights.

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