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iQ Undertray Fixings


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I was looking under my IQ and noticed the rear offside of the undertray had dropped very slightly.   This is the section immediately below and protecting the fuel tank.

It’s as though a attachment fixing at the rear corner is missing, but it isn’t clear that such a point exists or where a replacement clip/bolt would be installed.  Does anyone know whether this is as designed and whether it should be attached at this point? Unfortunately I don’t have access to a ramp so access and photos are difficult.

The tray is still attached to the car firmly in all other places and there’s no risk of it falling off or exposing the fuel tank to road damage so I’m not overly concerned.  But if there there is a fixing to repair I’d like to catch it early.

Thank you In advance.  

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Hi dash

Thank you for the prompt reply.  I also had a discrete peek under an iQ in a car park this afternoon and it was also the same.

I’ll put it down to “normal”.

thank you. 


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I appear to have this issue also but at the Drivers side. It seems pretty obvious to me that it's not "normal" to have a lose undertray rattling off the exhaust/fuel tank? This issue has only arose recently.

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