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Engine Warning Light - P1346


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Good afternoon,

I've had the engine light on for some a few months and the car appears to drive fine.  However, with the new MOT rules the light needs to be off.  The garage managed to clear the light saying it was an 'unspecified code', however, a cheap ODBII tool is coming up with the code P1346.

I can clear the code by unplugging the batter over night, or by using the ODBII dongle.  The code suggests something about the VVT Sensor but I'm unsure where on my Mk1 1.3 Yaris it is and how easy to check/replace.

Anyone got any suggestions?  


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Hi, try checking the Crankshaft Oil Control Valve (OCV) connector. I think it's on front right as you look from front of engine, attached to cylinder head.

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It might be a dodgy OBDII reader.  Apparently the cheap ones give incorrect timing errors so I'm not worrying about it too much.  I now get the light on without an error code.  I can clear the light but it eventually comes back on so I think it's a loose wire or something.


I'll have another look for something like the following:  https://goo.gl/images/AzJ5Ty

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