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Remote Key Fob

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Hi all,will be picking up my Alphard next week never had one before so looking forward to getting out and about!

One question is the one I have brought only comes with keys and know remote fobs. Can I purchase these and reprogram myself as I have seen ones on eBay but reluctant to buy as I don't know to program them.

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There are several methods of programming Toyota keys on the internet - some of which will work on some models and some of which won't. 

Could try an auto locksmith as regards purchasing and programming keys, but obviously this will be more expensive.

Doubt whether Toyota dealers will be able to help as the Alphard isn't a UK model.

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The guy on eBay has given me 100% guarantee that he can supply me a genuine fob and he will give me the instructions to do it myself. Toyota main dealer didn't want to know!.

All I want to be able to do is open the doors with a fob rather than a key!

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Try that - but other members have found that the re-programming methods found on the internet, can be hit and miss.

As posted, Toyota dealers probably won't want to know as the Alphard has never been a UK market model.

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Should be able to use the guy from eBay. Other than that timpsons on the highstreet can clone

Just be careful not to lose that original one !!!

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I have a 2005 Alphard Hybrid. Got extra key blanks from aliexpress.com (with 4-button remote and immobiliser chip). I was able to program the immobiliser chips with an OBD2 Techstream adapter from eBay and a PC. The Techstream software doesn't recognise Alphard, but I pretended it was a Rav4 and it worked. Haven't managed to get the remote lock/unlock working yet.

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