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Is the clutch adjusted as standard on latest Aygos?

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Hello everybody!

I sign in to discuss something strange with you specialists of the Aygo 😊

I own a 2017 Toyota Aygo. The clutch bites very high on the pedal. I am not worried about it, it has always worked this way, I know that it is normal on this car. It took me time to be accustomed to driving the Aygo. I also have a diesel car and the two cars are totally different to drive.

Over the last weeks, I went to the garage twice (service, puncture...) and I drove 2 different 2018 Aygos as courtesy cars. These were Aygos from January, according to their plates, not the latest 2018 version with the facelift. On these 2 Aygos, the clutch bit progressively over the run of the clutch pedal. The difference was surprising, especially in reverse gear. Neither of them drove like my Aygo.

I suspect Toyota salesmen to have the clutch of Aygo demo cars adjusted so that drivers are not too upset when they try them.

I asked and they assured me that these cars were right out of the factory full stock versions.

Do you think that Toyota adjust the clutch on all new Aygos as standard? Or do they do it only on demo Aygos?


Thank you for answers.

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We have run two cars for years, and have never had an issue with the clutch on our 2016 Aygo. I've also driven Aygo courtesy cars when we had the previous Auris and the current Aygo,  and, again, not had an issue with the clutches.

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Hi, Filip. I learn't  to drive in a diesel car, and got a petrol Aygo when I passed my test and I couldn't drive it..I stalled it most times from setting off, especially on a hill..It took me a few days to get it right..

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