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Yaris Icon USB audio


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Hi there

Just bought a 15 plate Yaris Icon automatic last week and have just started fiddling around with the bluetooth, audio etc. I’ve got lots of CDs to burn onto a USB but wanted to check what size and type I would need to buy as I have had issues with USBs on TVs before so best to check first!

The manual I was given doesn’t even mention this as a feature but it has the USB slot. Once inserted I presume you can search for specific artists/albums etc?


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Hi, I have a Rav 2012 but I am guessing they all work the same. My wife has lots of CD's, they stand about 2 metres tall when stacked on their front/back. I put them all on a USB stick and I didn't use up a 28Gb stick. Yes is the answer to what track is playing and by what group and you can choose what you want to listen to, it's so easy to operate. Mike.

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Thanks Mike, sounds good.

And is it a standard USB 2.0? (we needed a high speed 3.0 for the TV but that may be due to copying files).


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My experience, it works well but some caveats. Got about 30gb worth of music ripped to MP3 at the highest bitrate for best sound quality. At first copied then to a SanDisk Duo 128gb memory stick, had all sorts of problems like taking about 20 minutes for the menus to come up first time (assuming there is a lot of indexing of MP3 metadata going on) to painfully slow scrolling through menus.

Fix was , buy the fastest USB stick you can , be patient for the first few days while the track info is sorted. When ripping , create a hierarchical structure on the USB stick, ie, \\Music\Artist\Album , merge multi disk albums into one. Finally, copy a dozen or so favourite tracks into the root folder, that way the menus come up quicker initially while the rest of the tracks are indexed.

Finally, don't pull USB stick out while the power is on, buggered one USB stick that way.

Final final, if you must format the USB stick, go for FAT32

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