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Exhaust muffler replacement


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My wifes Yaris 2012 1.5 Hybrid lost the rear muffler due to rust (after 5 years?!). Now the dealer say she has to drive around for 3 weeks sounding like a Harley before the muffler is available! So my idea is to temporarely just hook on a universal muffler. Costs nothing. If I can find something that will fit.

Anyone have the dimensions of that muffler and a suggestion of a replacement?

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My partners hybrid Yaris is also 2012, I best get under there one day and check its condition.

I think it's an odd exhaust shape with the inlet and exit pipes on the same side so doubt you will find a universal one to do the job. Have you tried a local motor factors rather than the dealer? May be a bit cheaper if they can get one.



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Yes. I tried all the usual suppliers. This piece is just not available, original or not. But I solved it temporarily. Cut the pipe just infront of the muffler and slipped on a standard one using some exhaust repair paste and clamps. It still is more noise than with the original setup, but I can live with it for a couple of weeks.

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