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Car "pulls" in P - Hybrid


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Hi guys. 

2018 Yaris Hybrid. 

I notice a strange behaviour, which happened twice so far. When I start the car in the morning, it first starts on electric. While I was putting my stuff away, the ICE started and I could hear the breaks "squeaking" for a second, as if it was trying to go forward ( all this in P). I released the Handbrake ( to check if it's actually pulling forward) and there was nothing at all. Anybody else noticed this weird thing?



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There is a bit of transmission 'slop' in the P position and when the engine starts it can take up some of the slack and thus pull the transmission through a few degrees of rotation and this will give a judder you have noticed.

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Sitting in a parking bay with the system running, if the engine starts up, the car rocks as if someone behind has shunted us!

First time that happened, I was ready to open the door and check who'd hit me. 😀


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