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New noise when braking.


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My car, in the last two days, has developed an occasional clicking noise when I brake. Not loud and not every time I brake. It seems to come from two places. When using the brakes to slow and stop, it comes from the back right. When stationary, a gentle press on the brake pedal, generates a click from the engine bay. I’m wondering what it could be, there is no obvious difference in the brake performance. One possibility, maybe, is this hot weather has perhaps affected joints in the system. Perhaps melting any lubricants and causing dry joints. As I said it doesn’t do it all the time. Any ideas folks ?

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Just an idea, for the 'clicking whilst moving' noise, have you washed the car recently, or has been in any rain?

When the wheels get thoroughly wet and the car is left overnight with the handbrake on (i.e. normal use), the rear pads can lightly rust on to the disk rotors. The pads unstick themselves when you next drive away, but, the rust 'witness mark' will remain on the disk rotor until it is worn away.  This will click as it passes underneath the brake pad.

Wearing it away may take quite a few miles on a Hybrid, as the regenerative braking reduces friction brake use, and the back brakes don't do much unless the car is loaded up. Also, in the hot weather with the windows down(?), you are more able to hear this ocurring more easily.

I have not had this happen on our Auris, but have on other cars.

If it is this, it is nothing to worry about.

Don't know about the other noise, perhaps something electrical switching on in the booster pump/pressure accumulator?  Conventional cars don't have similar braking systems, so the hybrid can make some unusual noises.

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Understand what you mean with the brakes sticking on wet pads. But have not washed the car in the last two days. So I know this is not the problem. What’s happening is not something I’ve encountered before. But Hybrids are a law unto themselves, aren’t they.

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