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Goodwood FOS - 2019 Supra Debut


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Toyota is semi-launching the supra this week, with a function tomorrow evening in London, taking the prototype to Good-wood, and possibly other sites.
Quite a few of the the MKIV club will be attending with their historic examples in London and goodwood.


Just one catch. Its really only for the south. If your from up north, the car WONT be coming up here.
Toyota confirmed it to me when I inquired. There is NO roadshow planned for the north - EVER.

If your up north like me, and want to see the launch of the latest re-incarnation of Toyota's greatest ever sports car, (also one of the worlds greatest) , -  then you will need to take a long drive south, or wait for it to go on sale and book a test drive in a dealership late next year - assuming they bring it to the north at all 😞


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2019 Supra Debut at Goodwood


A production Prototype of the Toyota supra was unveiled at the Goodwood festival of speed today, going up the hill and on display.

It was still in camo livery as the car is still not finished and could even be subject to change if needed.

Very interesting was how much interest there was for the car from the public and the fans. It was probably the most anticipated car of all. 

YET - Unfortunately thanks to the vast amount of on site "whats the price tag?" posers at good-wood who dont know its a car event,  combined with the the very traditional "Look at me I'm a lord and headmaster from 1950's" organisers, it didn't get the air time or recognition its namesake should grant it.

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