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Auris 2.2d


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Hi all new here looking to purchase a Toyota for my new commute 

seen a 2.2d locally only 70000 miles on the clock on a 2008

fully service history the car actually is quite nice

upon test driving I was amazing how lacking it was in power. I know there meant to be 180bhp but it felt so flat

therws no unwanted noises and no smoke 

im aware these have issues with egr valves etc 

can it be repaired with some good old tlc I’m quite competent as a mechanic


it also doesn’t have sat nav can these be retrofitted to models that never came with it


thanks lee 

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EGR is decent on them really just maintain it by cleaning it every 10-15k miles. 

They can be retro fitted to the cast but you'll be hard pushed to find one in good condition and they are over £1000 new from Toyota. If you did you'd need a couple of modules as well to make it work. 

As for power I never found it bad but I did get it remapped. Took it to the home of Auris tuning down south in Cornwall. 

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Personally I wouldn’t own anything fitted with that 2.2 Diesel engine out of factory warranty, too many horror stories of head gasket problems. 

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Thanks for the help. I feel my 1.6hdi 110 is quicker which I was shocked about


i heard they have a 5th injector as well I couldn’t see this under the bonnet but not as good economy as a diesel should be 

what about the 2.0d

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