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Strange lump directly in front of accelerator pedal


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Hi All,

After a bit of advice. The wife bought a 2006 Aygo Black a couple of months back. I've driven it quite a bit myself but there is one very annoying thing that I notice when I drive it. Directly in front of the accelerator pedal is a strange lump in the carpet (feels like a lump of rubber under the factory fitted carpet) As I try to press the accelerator down the middle of my foot touches this 'lump' and stops me from pressing down any further on the accelerator - even though the accelerator will go further. I kind of have to then raise my heal slightly to press the accelerator the rest of its travel. Can anyone advise what exactly this lump is? Is it in your Aygo? Is it supposed to be some sort of heal rest? Have googled and can't see anyone mention it anywhere. Am tempted to lift the mats to see if I can remove it or at least see what it is.



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