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Underseat Subwoofer Issues - InPhase USW10


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Hey everyone,

I have just attempted to install an under seat sub in my Aygo Go! its an InPhase USW10 sub, but I have had a major issue with it. Me and my brother spent a good 2-3 hours wiring up the sub through the car so that it doesn't interfere with anything. Now I have everything connected, the ground, the power to the positive of the Battery, the RCA leads to my JVC head unit, and the ignition wire (or whatever the term is for the wire that switches it on when you turn your ignition on). After all this, the sub doesn't work. I have thought of 4 reasons why it might not work:

1. the simple reason, either the fuse has gone or the speaker is broken, hopefully the first.

2. the ground is incorrect, even though I used a thread on these forums stating to put the ground on the bolt near the ECU.

3. The ignition wire isn't working, however I have tried using the sub without this and it should be powered on when connected to the Battery, I've connected this to a wire from my radio for steering wheel controls which my brother seemed to think was correct but that doesn't sit right with me. My alternative would be to use the wires from the TomTom to connect it.  

4. I'm really **** at this stuff and everything has gone wrong haha.


Also I don't understand how Id know if the sub has power, the user manual is useless. Is there an LED on this thing somewhere, I just need to know if it can get power before trying anything else.


Any advice would be really appreciated :)


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take the power plug out of the amp and use your multimeter to check your wiring

also check your rca leads incase they have been damaged and finally

make sure your ground wire has a good solid connection to the body of the car

if the earth terminal is on top of paint remove some of the paint and go back to metal.

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Found the solution, really annoying but oh well, the JVC radio cables were labelled wrong in the manual, I had it wired on the wrong cable for the ignition line, one was red for Battery and yellow for ignition however the manual for my radio said the opposite. After wiring it to the correct cable the sub turns on when the ignition does, so no draining Battery and a great little system.


Thanks for for the tips tho eygo! 

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by any chance did the 2 cables have bullet connectors on them so you can swap ign live & live around

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