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Rav4 2004 d4d limp mode Help fix Frankie!


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Rav4 2004 d4d limp mode Help fix Frankie!
Hi, please can someone help me decide what is wrong with my Rav4... drives fine cold start but soon as it’s warm or under load eg hill or poodle about town & not quite 1st gear so 2nd & it lurched & goes.. then real flat exceleration like fuel stare, turbo cuts in & out, surges, then cuts to limp mode.. turn off, lock car, unlock, starts & fine for a bit, engine maintenance light stays on.. after a couple of starts or next day engine maintenance light goes off & seems to run ok for about 10 miles then we do it all again... If I clear the code it’s ok for bit then back to same .. turbo fault codes apparently.. not sure which but told I need part number 25819 27040 Valve Assy, Vacuum Regulate? Also see it could be the vsv ? Anyone know part numbers ? BOOST VACUUM PRESSURE ?? Turbo works just intermittent & pain in the backside.. did have diesel bug but treated that & changed filters ... is it the flap sticky? Is there a simple solution to a very expensive Toyota part (nearly £170) or does the avensis turbo which is same part number but 10 on end instead of 40 ?? This is a third of the price.. Please help save my Frankie.. he’s been unloved before I got him & I just want to make him better .. any ideas & thoughts would be so much appreciated :0)



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Does anybody know what’s wrong & which to replace on the turbo? Can anyone advise me please? 


He has new tyres & brakes all round, new discs & callipers.. solid underneath & washed down ready to under seal thou I need a fuel tank heat shield (scouring breakers & websites looking) since diesel bug treatment it isn’t cutting out under 3500 revs but if I take it over that (up hills) it feels stand offish, like a flat spot then I’m sure it will cut out so haven’t pushed it & avoiding hills.. I’ve been told it coul be vsv or  egr? 2 units on turbo, unsure which does what & which to replace.. turbo works but surges over 3000 revs like a car that has a fuel starve (old day cars) like mixture not right thru carb.. air & fuel filters all changed, just oil change left to do .. computer throws up turbo pressure codes & fuel temperature is -40* ? 

I will list the codes in the next few days if u can help me out on this please message me so Frankie can live on 🙏🏼 😌

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I'll be honest with you, it's quite hard to understand what exactly you're saying. You need to point it all out in a clear manner, the easiest would be to make a list, point by point.

For example:

1st symptom is that the car drives fine when cold.

2nd symptom is that the car goes into limp mode when it warms up.

3rd symptom is when the car goes into limp mode, black smoke starts shooting out of the exhaust.

etc., etc.

Without knowing more about your specific issues, I'd suggest cleaning your EGR valve since that's a very common problem.

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Thanks Byzii 

typical female not making much sense.. rambling sorry..

I’m going to clean EGR next week as looked at loads of forums here & the avensis seems to do the same .. it’s the cheapest option.. since diesel bug treatment 50L of fuel it’s done it 1 time in a week.. Mmmm does feel like a fuel starve (old simple cars back in the day) 

 3rd new fuel filter next week & drop the tank to clean it out..

is there another filter between the tank to the fuel filter in engine bay? 

When I put it on the diagnostic it said my fuel was -40* this is why I think it’s fuel or sensor that’s clogged & confused ... 

Many thanks for the input 😊




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