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2zzge engine compression ratio and RON

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I've looked everywhere for info on my 2003 Corolla 2ZZ-GE engine to find info that it is 6-speed 16V DOHC EFI 1.8 which I believe is also in the Toyota Celica?

I've not been able to find the Compression Ratio in an manual or forum (including this one).

Can someone advise me please because I would like to know if it can also run it on 98 RON Petrol. It's tended to always run on 95 RON before so just want to see if it runs even better with a supreme petrol type.


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Hi Tomato

The 2ZZ bore is 82 mm (3.23") and the stroke is 85 mm (3.35") with a compression ratio of 11.5:1
It's recommended that 91 octane or above fuel is used, so they will run quite happy on normal unleaded here in the UK.

It will run perfectly happy on premium fuel too. The only thing a higher octane fuel will assist with is that the fuel will be less likely to detonate prematurely during compression before the spark plug tries to ignite it.


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JayG, that's good info. Thank you. I'll give it some Super Unleaded next time to see if it runs any better now that everything on the engine is fixed up.

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So I put some Super Unleaded in the tank and it ran a lot smoother. And for the first time ever, I've had the VVTL-i Lifters actuate at 6000 Revs. That was a relief because I'd never pushed it that far before and it was good to know the lifters came into action and worked as expected. Now onto the next job :biggrin: 

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