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Road Sign Assist - A Gimmick?

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Does anyone know if Road Sign Assist is simply a gimmick or not?

Im actually confused as to how it works too. Today, before i drove off, i turned it off. Drove to the shops and parked on a side road. the side road was a dead end but about 1/2 mile long. Along that road were NO ROAD SIGNS. 

Yet i drove to the end of the road turned RSA back on around and halfway back the RSA showed 30MPH. There were no road signs on this road. 

Does it get this info from the SATNAV if it doesnt see a road sign? or does it not actually scan road signs at all. 

Just curious


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It's not totally a gimmick but imo it is not yet mature & reliable enough to be a useful system either. Ultimately when perfected it & others will be useful for autonomous vehicles.

Systems like this contribute to the Euro NCAP score so if manufacturers don't have them they get marked down which potentially could affect sales. https://www.euroncap.com/en/vehicle-safety/the-rewards-explained/speed-alert/

p.s. after living with it for a few weeks/months I switched it off 😛

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