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2015 auris hybrid, vibration on break?


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Hi all,

I bought a used Auris, @35k miles 2weeks ago. I noticed that there is vibration when I press the break at speeds 50+ miles/h. I checked with the service and according to them it is normal and it is because of the regenerative system charging the Battery. However I am not convinced as it sometimes feel uncomfortable. 

Do you guys have any vibration at all when driving at speeds 60-70 m/h and press the break? Would you please try it in your car concentrating to find out if there is any vibration?


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1 hour ago, Cjohnston1982 said:

It sounds like a warped brake disc to me. I haven’t noticed any vibration in the Auris Hybrid.

your garage is speaking through their A@*e and dont know what they're talking about

definately brake discs at fault,brake discs can warp / fail at any time regardless of milage

they are classed as consumable items .

regen braking doesn't use the brake pads / discs so how can they be causing the vibrations ???

basically mg2 starts to rotate in the opposite direction this charges the Battery and slows the car down.

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This is also what I thought, disks&pads.

It was the official Toyota dealer where I bought the car and they told me that it was normal. I just told them I want to test another car and see if it has the same problem. I am waiting to hear back from them.

do you think that would be repaired at my cost, or the dealers cost? 



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i can tell you its not normal

i have had since 2013 a lexus Ct200h ,lexus Is300h ,Is300h Fsport

and my partner has had a Honda jazz Ima & currently a toyota Auris Hybrid

and none of these cars has ever suffered from any form of vibration when braking.

get the dealer to put right the issue

the only time when vibration is normal under braking is when the disc's are warped end of.

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