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Snaping popping noise from front


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I have a 2012 avensis 2.0 d4d from new. It now has 236,000km. It has been very well serviced and maintained. 100% reliable.

In the last 9-10 months it has developed a snapping popping type sound from front end, only at parking speed. It happens only when the direction is changed as if its caused sometimes by the weight of the car shifting. It can be felt through the steering wheel. In the same period the car has started wearing the outside of the passenger side tyre badly. New tyre fitted last year and another recently. Alignment done but wad told it was only very slightly out. 

Any help much apreciated. 


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OP here

Additional info

It passed the NCT(mot) with this. Noise not that loud but i notice it and feel it through steering wheel as im very particular about maintaining car. 

Any extra info needed just ask


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Hi JayG

Thanks for reply. I thought that possible too. 

Ill add that it might only make the noise 3 or 4 times randomly during a parking manoeuvre. It doesnt need to be accelerating to make noise. Ive checked drive boots and they are in goid condition no tears or grease leaking.

Thanks again


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