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Half Working Park Brake


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Hi All, 

I've put a few hours aside on Thursday to do my brakes (pads & discs) on Diesel Avensis 2006 D4D.

I think I've got everything I need so I don't have to launch off to the car parts shop in the middle of the job. However, my local garage had it on his ramp to change a pipe underneath recently and he mentioned that one side of the park brake wasn't working properly. I fully understand that this is not a great (vague) question, but here goes anyway... could anyone hazard a guess as to what it is likely to be ?  I'm more than happy to hear answers like 99% of the time it's because of this, that or the other. The reason I'm asking is, if it's likely to be a seized cable & I'll ask the local car parts shop if he has any in stock tomorrow (Wednesday). If it is a cable replace, has anyone took the plastic centre console out and is it much of a chew ?

Thank you very much for reading this & kind regards !


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I have a Corolla D4D and recently changed my rear discs as one seemed warped

I also had odd handbrake symptoms where one seemed to apply before the other etc

So took discs off, gave the shoes and cables etc a good dose of brake  cleaner spry, (surprising amount of brake dust came out) then carefully spayed small amount of WD40 type spray (GT85) at the end of cables - pivots points of shoes with  WD40 type spray (GT85) both sides then new discs on

Now awesome handbrake working equally 🙂 amazing difference

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Hi Chaz, 

Thank you for you reply. Much appreciated.

I'll give your suggestion a try if all seems otherwise OK. I'm going to try and get rid of as much dust as I can with the local jet wash before I begin. 

I'm going to buy some copper grease tomorrow. Thousand shames I have none of this. An ex mining engineer we had drums & drums of this lol.

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