T27 Avensis Questions

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Hi all,

Picked up a T27 2009 59 plate 1.6 (petrol) T2 Avensis Tourer in grey yesterday at Auction @ 115,000 miles.

Other than a few things that need seen to (exhaust blow in the centre somewhere, missing trim bits, scruffiness and filth) it's running well.

I am looking to source a few bits and wonder if anyone had them or ideas:

- Centre Console - the main armrest/lid is missing and also my cupholder does not have the sliding cover - can both be bought separately or should I just pay £50/60 for a complete console on eBay?

- I am going to buy a better steering wheel (leather) and that has the Cruise Control stalk on it - do you think it will be plug and play on this car (the light is definitely there on the dash)?

It has no service book, but I can see stickers in the engine bay (and visors) for various services etc over the years (it was a main dealer trade in and the auction staff said they often remove them if the service is not perfect).  Is it worthwhile flushing the cooling system and does anyone have a decent guide/know the amount of coolant the car needs?

Thanks in advance.

Looking forward to getting this scruffy beast up to scratch (I'll start and populate a thread on it on detailing World).

Brian 🙂

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