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2007 Aygo - New Suspension Advice


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Hey all,

Long story short - Dealer damaged the rear subframe of the car.
I am going to take them to court as they refuse to refund me for the car or repair it.

In the meantime, should I not win or not go to court (fees etc), I have sourced a new subframe, but also need to get the suspension fully replaced.

As I am a newbie to this, could someone kindly let me know what parts are required to replace both back and front suspension?
A link or recommendation for standard and well priced parts would be greatly appreciated!


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here is a link for you for the front.

although at 4.16 mins this is where you will need your own spring compressor to compress and remove the road spring

then compress and fit the roadspring, removing the top mount is still the same.


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