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New corolla e11 SR from Spain


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Hi fellas! New to the forum so After been reading a lot of threads like Phatali’s build, I’m on the way to buy some 1zz bits for my 3zz. Now the car only have Eibach springs and michelin pilot sport tyres wrapped in some 15x7 OZ Superturismo.

Next mods will be KYB UltraSR dampers, Recaro SR4 seats (one sourced) 1ZZ Intake manifold+TB with k&N pod filter and custom 57mm decated N1 silencer cat-back. I’m doubting if fitting 1zz exhaust manifold and 1zz injectors because like i’ve read, ecu can be reading rich. Here some pics! 




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Welcome aboard, nice car :)

Unfortunately these days, I think our kind of cars (performance and or modified) are lost on many of the active members on here.  

I've found it hard just to get people here interested in a new sports car from Toyota, even when its all over the auto news, let alone high performance or modified cars.

I don't know much about the 3zz platform, but i know they have a strong following for a reason, so It should be a good setup you have there, as I have very similar brands(mods) on my Supra. (APEXi, Recaro, Michelin).

For the injectors and manifold concerns, If you not planning on going too far down the modification road, then i would think piggyback ecu's might be a solution that will allow you to map for the changes. But again, i know very little about your chassis to say for sure sorry.

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Welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

As regards the new Supra and Z5, little actual detail is known about the cars aside from them both supposedly using a BMW engine, a four wheel drive hybrid system jointly developed by Toyota and BMW, and that it probably will be built in Austria by the contract manufacturer, Magna Steyr.

Lets face it the vast majority of Toyota owners don't own performance orientated or modified cars, and it should be obvious that most club members are from this majority. So really, no surprises there.

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Nice and clean oldie you have there M8 👍

I'm on OZ Polaris 7x15 ET 37 and its a real close call on the rear struts....

My 'coal burning' 4A-F is on a carb 😉 so I'm always reading '80s 'Performance Magazine' to really get into power carburation chat.. lol

Welcome to the club and keep those cool piccies coming 😀 


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