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Wet Drivers Footwell


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I am looking at a Auris Hybrid">Auris Hybrid 2012  1.8 petrol for a friend where the drivers foot well is wet and I am looking to fix this.  The car had a new windscreen fitted about 2 years ago although has not leaked until last summer.. So I am not sure that the windscreen is to blame as it should have leaked since the screen was done.. not 18 months later.

The Windscreen tends to mist and freeze in the cold weather...

looking at the interior headlining there does appear to be small amounts of mold on the sun visor and headlining. 

This point of the car is also higher than the Windscreen, looking along to the drivers side handle, there is also what looks to be water staining in the head lining between the handle fixings. ( not much but just visible ).

This is also higher than the top of the windscreen so I am having to assume that the windscreen at this point is not the culprit. 

So I am wondering where this water can come from.. I was wondering if the rear windows washer supply pipe runs up the A pillar and down the drivers side of the roof before exiting at the boot as this is the only logical explanation I can come up with that would collaborate where the markings in the headlining is.. 

is this a common leak.. or am I looking in the wrong place?



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This link is to my post for for a 2013 model, but perhaps the same problem exists on pre facelift?

 There were no wet carpets in our car, but the inside of the car had been prone to condensation. When another forum member removed his door cards (for a speaker upgrade etc.), that seal had gaps in it as well.


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Water can travel via capillary action around a poorly fitted screen... and given the history (new screen fitted) I think this is probably the most likely cause.   

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i was just about to suggest capillary action

the renault senic used to suffer from wet floors and headlinings

this was due to capillary action around the sunroof

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