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Help! 2009 2-door strange fault!


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This morning driving to work my check engine light came on. This is normal as I have been having an intermittent issue with the Emissions Control Valve so I thought nothing of it. It went out as I normally expected it to after a while but right after my BRAKE and ABS lights came on. This was weird, have never seen this before but they went out after about 10 minutes and I thought nothing more of it. After driving about another hour they came on again this time accompanied by a loss of some power. they went out and the power came back after about 10 minutes again. I attached my OBD2 reader and there were no codes at all, just the expired codes from the EMCV. Alright strange.

After driving another hour or so my entire dash lit up like a Christmas tree! pretty much every fault light came on! I pulled over off the highway, shut down the car and let it sit for about 5 minutes, started it up and everything seemed fine, I was wrong. Happened again about 5 minutes from home....

Not sure what to do about this, maybe there is something I have to rest, or maybe I am going to need to bring it in for some serious maintenance... I am not much of a car guy but to me this seems like an electrical issue. What are your thoughts?

Gas mileage seems fine, still around 35-45MPG based on the 10 gallon tank divided by miles accomplished.

Edit: Was literally caused by some water. RESOLVED.


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