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Hi all, I decided to change Oil and filters on my 2013 rav4 2.2l .   My wife (also 2013 rav4 2.2l) overheard my conversation and says I can change hers too.  My son (Auris SR180) also allows me to change his as well.   All three engines are 2.2l so I thought mmmm handy enough.   The SR180 was a piece of cake, as they all should.  I run into problems with the first rav4, I couldn't get the Oil filter housing loosened, had to change the Oil only.    The same problem with my rav4, the filter was solid.   At this point I must add that I have all the proper tools for removing the filter housing, including the aluminium jobbie with 14 flutes.   At one point I cracked the housing as I had the chain wrench on it.   Not to worry I thought, should be handy enough to replace.   The only one available was outta Mr T, and at a cost of £92 + vat.   Ebay were more realistic with various prices around 10-12 quid.   They had to come from China.   I got one of ebay for £25 and it arrived in two days, great.    Popped under my rav4 to find it was the wrong size....   Can anyone advise me of where to source the proper ones, please.

I have had to weld (with soldering iron) both of the housings and reuse them, but will be replaced as soon as I can acquire them.   £200 + is a bit steep for two filters.

Thanks and best wishes, Dee



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Common problem - hence the dozens of filter housings for sale on Ebay. I might be stating the obvious but:

- Avoid over-tightening the housing when fitting.

- Don't use a plain fluted wrench - it needs to have cutouts on the edge to engage properly with the housing - ensure that the lug on the housing engages fully into the cutout.

- Ensure that you use the correct size wrench which is a very snug fit - you may need to tap it into place. The diameters of wrenches in this range increase by a tiny 0.5mm and it may appear that a wrench 0.5mm oversize fits OK but it may slip / distort the housing.

- If a filter housing is solid - try tightening a little to break the seal.

- If the housing is solid when hot -try to remove (or at least break the seal) when everything is stone cold.

- Don't use a chain wrench or Oil filter grips - if you want to try another tool - a strap wrench will do less damage.

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Hi G and thank you for the reply.   I maintain the filter element was never changed in the two rav's, they were that tight.   I eventually got them off and welded the cracks with a soldering iron, they're ok but I'm still on the lookout for two new ones.

There are a lot of them on ebay ok, but very few are for the rav4.   The parts man refused to give me the part number, so I had to suss it out myself.   

Next time I'll really heat the engine just to break the seals, but it'll be carefully put together with Oil in the right places.

The part number is: 15650-38020 and if you come across it maybe you could let me know.

Thanks again G, really appreciate the help.

Regards Dee



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