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Auris HSD 2011 double din stereo


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Hi All, 


Im new as an signed member but i have been following other posts for some time. My father just bought an Auris Hatchback HSD from year 2011, and we are wondering if there are some aftermarket alternatives  to the OEM head unit B9030 ? We are aiming for to just buy a headunit and we want to maintain the connectors and we want to still be able to use our buttons on the steering wheel.Since we already have AUX and USB in the car as standard we don't need another USB och AUX port, so we want to still use the existing ones.

  • Are there any Aftermarket unit that suits us?

We want to maintain the car as OEM as possible.

Today we have this stereo, see picture below :


  • If there are no after market alternatives for the B9030 and we have to purchase this unit ?
  • will the unit work directly when it comes to the GPS?
  • are the Auris already equipped with GPS module so the head unit are just plug N play?
  • Are there any things that wont work even if purchase the B9030 head unit?

Sorry for all of these questions, but i'm sure we have lots of users here having similar questions for same car earlier.


//Best regards



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what do you hope to gain from changing the head unit?

If it is satnav bear in mind that a system from 2011 is outdated by modern standards & may only be supported with mapping updates for a few more years.


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Hi all,

Answer to FROSTYBALLS : yeah there are lot of after market head units out there but they seem to have solved that i dont need any other connector and that i can still use the steering wheel buttons but there are still USB/AUX cable harness to be added to the after market and that makes me confused because i want to use the existing USB and AUX in the car. 

Any one who can send a link or suggest any head unit ?

Answer to Heidfirst : our aim is to simplify the use of the telephone phonebook when having the double din/touch screen. As we have now with our head unit it is very hard when trying  to call a contact when we have the phone paired with the standard head unit. My father had an Volvo S60 before and it was dead simple to call a contact from his phone list/phone book.

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On my 2007, you can store 20 contacts by name in the phonebook,  which has toyota swc bluetooth kit installed it's pretty simple.

Hold the mode button, say call "name" and that's it. You can add up to 20 names in your list. Seeing as you probably have a bit more streamlined version, i fail to see how it's harder.

Are you not using the voice command, but somehow calling via the headunit?

Personally, i'm finding the bluetooth kit pretty easy to use, and you operate it from the wheel.

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B9030 will not fit that console.. I bought one and it is still on the shelf instead of the car..do not buy one .. Approx  £2k from Toyota with touch and go sat nav and all the toys..the dash changed in 2011-12 .. and there are no retro fit facia replacements..mine is for sale fits a 2012-15 if anyone is interested..wed 17 October 2017..

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The dashboard of the first generation stayed the same up until production ended in October 2012, and some 2012  models had the Toyota Touch system. I had a 2012 Auris (first registered October 2012), and the dashboard was the same layout as my 2009 Auris.

The second generation from December 2012 had a different dashboard.

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