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Ignition Condenser Issue


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Hi all, I have a P70 Starlet 1295 carbed with electronic ignition. Unsure of the exact year as it's an Autotest car so no plates or logbook.

Unfortunately I managed to break a wire on the Condenser. It has broken off flush with the condenser body. Now the Car will not start

This particular condenser has 2 wires going into it. When I take off the (Screw-on) Dizzy Cap there are 3 wires coming in from the Condenser (presumably one of them is split in two in the wiring sheath). It is held on to the outside of the Dizzy with one of the 3 Cover Screws.

I can't seem to find this particular part anywhere, so I am wondering if I can somehow use a single wire condenser instead.

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