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Annoying scratching/rattling sound from dashboard on driver side (left side)


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Hi. I have a 2016 Toyota Auris 1.2T sport wagon automatic with an annoying scratching/rattling sound feature coming somewhere from the dashboard behind or left of the steering wheel (on left side of the car). The sound is not loud but audible and it resembles something like plastic gears scratching or similar. And it happens quite random, but mostly when on highway
1) driving 50+ mph and steering slightly to right
2) driving 50+ mph straight, and sometimes
3) driving at lower speeds.
No extra sounds when starting or when on idle and no audible sound from outside while driving window down when it happens. Cold/warm engine or AC on/off/totally off makes no difference. I have checked the steering wheel and its controllers and no loose things at all in the cabin that could cause this. What would you suggest to look at to find the origin, thank you.


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