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Hiace throttle surge


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Hi there,

I have a new problem with my 2003 HiAce 2.0 petrol 1RZ (RZH102).

There has been a slight coolant leak out of the radiator top hose mount - and yes I know that should be replaced - that has been "patched". Though does seem to weep when fill up and up to temperature. This has been ongoing since I got the van.

However, recently it has started to surge when idle. By this I mean - when cold I think, but am not sure, that the idle is higher than it should be. When the van is up to temperature (temp sensor on dash reads horizonal) the idle is high, blips down, then goes back to high.

When the clutch is in it is the same. When driving and in gear, I can't tell - it might be revving up but the engine load could be disguising it.

I have had the radiator cap off and with a jerry-rigged upside down cola bottle have fitted an overdflow to see what happens and bubbles do appear - and the level of the fluid is affected by engine speed (either by the blips in the idle or actioning the throttle itself.)

I do have a video, but looking on youtube it sounds pretty much like the idle on this Honda - https://youtu.be/RieAHtxGObg?t=238


Does anyone have any advice (apart from take it to a mechanic) - I'd rather diagnose this myself - though have minimal tools and no code reader. Though no fault is shown on the dash.


I'd consider looking at the throttle body - but I'm not sure how to take the air ducting apart to get to it as the engine bay in the van is so damn cramped!

If anyone has any advice on how to go about this - and (I know I'm pushing my luck) with pictures - that would be amazing.





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Hi....personally, the first thing I'd be doing is getting a code read done....otherwise you are simply guessing and that can be expensive.

It may cost you a few bucks to have the codes read but at least it should give you a much clearer idea of what is wrong.

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