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Hello again,

This has probably been a topic before but the radio signal is poor on my avensis estate always has been as I have driven these types of car before. Think the aerial is a sensor? Anyway how can I make it better? I'm thinking about getting a sat nav / dab radio/ cd player would that work?

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the radio aerial element is in 1 of the fixed rear windows (at least it was on my 57 plate estate). 

If you get a modern satnav/DAB radio/cd player you will need to install a DAB aerial anyway so you could kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

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Well got a shark fin aerial and a base unit, fitted them both then snipped the 2 cables on the original aerial plug connected them with a 2 core cable. Cut off the connector on the base unit stripped the cable back and connected the cables to the other end of the 2 core. Switched it on and hey presto it works! So if anyone has the same problem with a poor signal on the radio and always been that way then do as I have done. I can pick up all kinds of stations now I have a working radio!

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