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Rubber boot for door loom?


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Hi all, another newbie here looking for some help.

I'm adding a central locking kit to my daughter's 2013 Aygo, and the only thing I'm struggling with is routing the cables through the A pillar to the doors.

I'm trying to find the rubber tube that protects the cables when the doors are opened and closed, but all I can find when I search is the rubber seals for the door surrounds etc

Am I using the correct word - boot? 🤔

I've also tried 'door loom boot/tube/grommet' etc

As I may have to go to main dealers at the weekend, is there generally a price difference between the Toyota/Peugeot/Citreon parts.

Hopefully someone can help, I've never had much success with the right names for thingimjigs!



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Many thanks for the reply, the part numbers especially 🙂

Off to local stealers tomorrow to see if they will cost either an arm,leg or both!

After reading a few posts on this forum, I'm going to add some sound proofing to the doors too, whilst I have the cards off.



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