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Fitting Front Door Speakers


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(based on drivers side opposite for passenger)

1. you have to remove entire door panels.

2. remove three screws (philips) along bottom of door card, then the forth from the left hand side (may have cap on)

3. pop out the right hand side of the door panel. and the bottom left.

4. unscrew the door handle surround and take it off.

5. prize open the door grip with a flat head screwdriver.

6. same for the electric window panel, then remove electrical connectors.

7. pull off tweeter surround (behind wing mirrors)

8. remove electrical connector to door light in bottom right hand side.

9. a couple of taps from the base of the door card should have the card up and out, revealing old ******* Speakers.

10. only three screws in a 12 4 7 (on a analogue clock) configuration hold the speaker on. may need some extra persausion with a screw driver to come off.

11. remove speaker wire connector taking note of polarity.

12. snap off other end of speaker wire connector and connect (solder or crimpin terminals) to new 17cm Speakers, which must be able to accept the 3 screw configuration.

13. refit new speaker, having connected it.

14. FINI! now just refit everything in reverse, checking each electrical item as you go (windows, mirrors, door light)

Hope this proves to be of use, should take around an hour to replace both front Speakers, but the results are well worth it.

i chose Pioneer 17cm coaxials which sound great.

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