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Cam lift/redneck 'heel' cutting ??


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Hi.... thinking outside the box here....



If I wanted to increase lift by 1MM on my 4A-F inlet camshaft, would taking the cam and mounting it in a jig allowing 360° rotation THEN reciprocating around the Base Cicle [linishing only the circular element - stopping before touching the flanks] with a 13MM belt sander [solidly mounted relative to the cam axis] would I get a smooth 1MM removed = 1MM increase in lift?

Thicker shims / custom obviously to reset lash.

I imagine breaching 'hardening' skin would be an issue, but more so in the flank/ramps. ??



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Have you checked if it can be ordered online, as a complete part?

You can probably have someone turn this in a lathe and remove necessary amount of metal.

Problem then would be wear and tear on it.

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