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Corolla Runx Z/sportivo/allex rs180 Gearbox Problems


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Hi everyone

Have a 2001 corolla allex rs180, which is equivalent to the other 2zzge corollas you get everywhere on this planet pretty much

Done 207000kms 

Having problems with the transmission, where it won't go into first gear. Sometimes it does but very roughly so. Usually does this when the car is cold, and at rest, but after driving the car around for a little while, it starts going into first quit easily. Even then, sometimes it decides to not go into first again when im at the lights or something. 

Quite sure the transmission fluid has not been replaced in a while, but could this simply be the problem? or could it be the clutch/shift linkages/bushings etc.?

Also one thing that I noted was that the position of going into first slightly changes sometimes, from being slightly left to neutral then up, but sometimes very far away from neutral then up. Also when I go into first very roughly then try get into reverse, it crunches unless if first goes in smoothly. 

Anyone have any ideas on what the problem may be? Any help will be much appreciated 

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