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Avensis T25 1.8 Replacement Clutch


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Hi Everyone. I'm the third owner of my 2008 1.8 TR. I've done about 14k in it and now at 69k the clutch slipping quite badly.

Is it commonly a replacement job or is there any adjustment that can be made? 

I intend on taking it to my local backstreet garage but it would be good to know what to expect. 


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Replace the clutch! Adjusting will only change the pedal position and where the biting points happen. The clutch will slip all the same, and you could end up damaging the flywheel. Anyway 69k is just about right for some cars if driven by a driver who uses the clutch a bit too much or rides the clutch pedal. At least you will know the car will have a good clutch.
The clutch is far cheaper than my 2009 1.8 TR Tourer, which has an internal slave cylinder/bearing, and more connections to the transmission. 

As I said, just change the clutch.  

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