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Auris winter frost protection


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Hi all ,

Unfortunately winter is on it's way and I have been looking for a windscreen and front door windows cover to protect my Auris from bad weather ahead of us and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I have looked on the internet but there are so many covers with bad reviews it’s all so confusing .

And I wondered if any of you any good recommendations ? 


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I've used one like this for the past two winters and it's held up very well and certainly does prevent frost and ice on the windscreen. Good for the summer too, when there is some sun. Keeps the interior cooler. Covers the Yaris screen with some spare, vertically and horizontally.

The one I have is a different brand but probably made in by the same Chinese manufacturer!

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I use the larger size of this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sakura-SS5120-Windscreen-Protector-Universal/dp/B005MWYRO6?th=1 for my Avensis estate.

It also covers the mirrors which imo is useful & for £3 if you are buying other stuff from Amazon (or probably ~£7 elsewhere) it is worth a try.

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I use something similar to both the above, as mrjp but about £3 from Aldi (doesn't look as thick as mrjp's), and I paid about £7 from Lidl for one very like (if not the same) as Heidfirst - but I was wanting it for a Prius Gen3 but because of the slope of the windscreen the mirros couldn't be covered so I just butchered it just to fit the screen. Both the systems used the door to hold in place. Both protecting against frost and snow brushes off easily.

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