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2007 Yaris Keyless Auto Locking


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Hi All, 

My wife's 2007 Yaris T-Spirit has keyless and yesterday with my son and key in the car it locked itself! 

We got him out via the fire brigade, but how can we stop the car locking itself! Clearly the car did not detect the key, but I would just like to stop any timeout based locking full stop to avoid the problem happening again! 

Help gratefully received.


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That's astonishing!

Should it be a fail safe system? So, if that does happen because of a poor fob battey or auto locking, it's hard luck if the car is on fire.😱

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Well Toyota want £304 for a new key (we lost one) which is absolutely scandalous. 

The guy in the dealership tried to book it in without confirming the price with my wife. 

So, we might get the key blade cut just so we can get in the vehicle incase of emergency. 

Does anyone know how to stop the car timing out and locking automatically? 

I change the key Battery regularly by the way.

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