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Engine/gearbox noise


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Thats likely to the the main input shaft bearing in the gearbox, which spins when the clutch is not depressed, and when it wears, its creates a whirring, rattly type of noise. Its very common in higher mileage cars, and unless its really severe, there is not much to be worried about. If the noise goes away with the clutch depressed, then its more than definitely the gearbox bearing thats worn, and is unlikely to be the clutch release bearing or thrust bearing as its also known.

The only way to stop the noise would be to overhaul the gearbox. My old 1999 Yaris with 70K on the clock made this noise too, and so do many other cars with manual gearboxes - its just the effects of higher mileages on the gearbox bearings. You could try checking the gearbox oil level, and it should be up to the filler hole level, but as I say, if the mileage is higher than about 50K, then there will usually be some kind of noise from the input shaft bearings when the car is idling in neutral.

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Also check the clutch fluid level or do a partial quick or full slow method clutch fluid change as clutch fluid is responsible for transferring the force from the gear shaft to the gears.

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