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Corolla1.8 tsport ideas?

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Just looking for general advice on what I can do for my corolla t sport. I’d like to sharpen the steering I’m going to install a set of coilovers and don’t cheap out on tyres what else can help me in the corners and what can I do to add bhp sensibly that’s not going to end up ecking the engine ....I’m going to go to stainless creations to Upgrade the exhaust, as well as I can to uk road legal standards. Thanks

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Yes do the exhaust you wont regret it. I had all the old system off since it was the original from 2002 and began blowing last year up at the exhaust header/manifold join. I had a custom setup done in stainless and oversized by 0.25 of an inch over the stock diameter. I kept the original cat for emissions and no check engine light issues along with a stainless resonator/silencer just as it looks on a standard setup. I currently have no back box/rear silencer and it does sounds superb, I will be getting the system finished off soon so I'll try and get a video of the car as is now and when its complete.

For handling on a budget there is the Tein street basis like on Fensport and it uses a combinations of new parts and some that are already on the car. Note the most coilovers are pretty expensive for the Corolla.

If you are on a pre-facelift you can take the front and rear strut bars from the facelift to help stiffen the car up I keep meaning to do this myself. For tyres I just have the standard T sport wheels with the Toyo Proxes TR1 and they have been fine for me.

I've always seen mixed discussions/arguments on the engine modification side of things especially things like air filters on the 2ZZGE so I tend to spend my money on maintenance rather than mods. First things I did was change my lift bolts, get the oil and filters changed etc. I did the seafoam intake spray treatment also.

Also if you serious on improvements one area would be the brakes! I really need to overhaul my brake system with some Wilwoods on the front and just renew or refurb the rear calipers, brake lines and master cylinder...

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One thing always worth doing to tighten up the T Sport is to put polyurethane replacements in everywhere for rubber ones. Quick and easy job, but makes a BIG difference to the handling by stiffening it up.

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