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On-Off road tyres for RAV4

Mary B

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Hi, I'm Mary B, I've just joined the club. I'd like to fit on-off road tyres to my Rav4 XT-R Diesel (2012 model) as I spend a lot of time driving on farm tracks. Any recommendations for the best brand/model to choose and why would be welcome.

Thank you in advance

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Hi Mary Ive heard good things about the yokohama geolandar g015 all terrain all season tyres. I am considering them for my Rav. 

Ive also seen general grabber all terrains have good reviews.

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General grabbers, had them on 2 range rovers and a land rover, MT's on the landy and original AT's on the range rover and happily fitted them to the rav too, AT3's this time but same basic tyre.

They wear well, are not too loud and handle fine. From experience thick sticky mud stops all but the most hardcore tyre, grabbers are like the BF Goodrich all terrains but a good bit cheaper. On farm roads and tracks they will be fine.

I fitted them because we like camping in small out of the way sites that are invariably some sort of field, some even have honesty boxed for the site fees and are truly on there own, but if you get stuck, your stuck. No one will stumble past so you have to be able to drive on light mud/wet grass areas, grades while towing my caravan and i can say hand on heart I have never worried about it.

Solo, to be honest, you can fit what you like 4wd will get you through with nigh on slicks. If you want a 50/50 tyre the grabber is pretty good. Will cost you a couple of mpg points, im down maybe 2mpg since swapping from the nasty duellers.

Mine were 130 a corner fitted and balanced. 

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