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Blower Fan Speed only works on 1 and 4


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Hi All

Sorry if this has been raised before, but I've got a 2008 Auris and the blower works on 1 and 4 only. 

I've dismantled everything in the dash, the contacts seem find within the rotation switch and I've tested from some rear test points, but the connector pin I can't easily correlate if it's actually working or not because I can't work out the pin-out. 

Has anybody had this issue? Just wondering if there's a way I can either fix it, or isolate it easily to the blower or control switch


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Blower motor working only on certain speed, or just one is symptom of a faulty resistor.

I'd check the pins first for some corrosion or bad contacts first.

Here are the schematics for manual AC


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