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How to fit Toyota touch & go 2 into a 2009 Estima Hybrid

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I am new to the forum, I have got a 2009 Estima Hybrid E-four and I had the bright idea of buying a Toyota touch & go 2 from a 2016 Auris UK model.

when I connected it I got it to work (bluetooth, radio, cd player but no audio and camera as I didn't know which wires in the back are for what, So I was trying to find if anyone knows what the wires in the back are for and if there is a kit or cables I can buy to connect the camera, roof screen or any information along these lines.

The car had an NHDT - W59 installed the reason I got a new one is mainly for the sat nav as everything else apart from the radio works.

I have attached a diagram of the back of both the touch & go and the NHDT.


Thanks in advance

ps, I am selling the NHDT - W59 if anyone wants it.

back of nhdt w59.jpeg

back of touch go.jpeg

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Hi Sham,

Welcome to this forum. Many of us who own the Estima Mk3 have tried a variety of things to improve the superb original head unit.

I have opted for additional add on units, others have replaced it with Android based units. Your idea is a good one and I had considered a newer Toyota head unit but didn't know what the fitment would be like. Photos of it fitted would be good.

Head over to TEOC (Toyota Estima Owners Club) where you'll find pin diagrams etc. Although the club has ceased the forum is still available for a few years. There is a wealth of info on there.

looking forward to hearing of your successes (and failures!).


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Thanks Heidfirst, I have aldready tried that but it only shows how to connect the Sat nav unit.

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I tried that forum Paulscarbs but couldn't find anything so will try again as I must have missed it.


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Hi Guys

I was a member on The Toyota Estima Owners Club which seems to have gone down now unfortunately .

I know that there was loads of info on there which I cant seem to find now.

I too have a similar set up to Scarbs and I too feel the same way about the original stereo but I have a wife and kids that want the 'latest technology' ie youtube, google maps etc etc so Im being forced to change the head unit.


Scarbs, do you have any links to images that identify the original plugs on the back of the head unit?

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