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2007 T180 Front Wiper issues

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Hello All,

I hope you are doing very well, I have an 07' T180 Avensis in beautiful condition and I bought it 1 year ago its under 85k mileage and immaculate nick :biggrin::biggrin:, despite drinking fuel I love the car.

I am looking for help with an issue with my wipers, I have searched the forum and nothing is quite the same as my specific issue, apologies if I couldn't find it.

Seemingly my Wiper Blades are not making good contact with the windscreen, I changed the blades 2 times in last year, firstly because I thought my issue was caused by using a cheap brand (those valeo ones from Euro Car Parts) I replaced with Bosch ones last winter but it never fixed the issue (not aero twin just standard)

My thoughts are that it is something to do with the wiper arms rather than the blades...

Some facts:

  • Tried multiple NEW blades Bosch and VALEO brands (normal style not aero twin) both performed the same
  • Refitted both sets of the blades to ensure they were correctly fitted - still no difference
  • Cleaned screen and blades, still the same.
  • Happy to fork out for some Aero Twin blades if it will make a difference
  • Both blades clear water but leave a smear/smudge
  • the passenger side blade judders and makes a god awful noise.

I suppose what I am asking is

  1. does anyone know if there any particular action I can take on the wiper arms to "force" a firmer contact on the windscreen.
  2. Do any other similar Avensis users find a particular style/brand of wiper work best?

Thank you all very much in advance and I appreciate any input.

Kind regards

Stephen :)

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Hi, I know my dad had this issue with a 2012 auris and he took it back under warranty to Toyota. I believe one of the tech's just gently bent the arms a little and that was that! I had the same auris and now a 2007 avensis t180 but I haven't experienced the issue.



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It's seems like such a small issue for some but there are people like us who like everything to work properly.

What dankernow said is good advice, you can bend the arm itself a bit so that it makes contact with the screen, just don't push it too much although it certainly can take a beating.

Next to the juddering. If it happens with new blades then it means your windscreen is contaminated. The way I solved it was by using 50/50 ethanol (96%) and water mix. You guys probably have fancy isopropyl alcohol in your stores so you can use that.


What you do is pull up your wiper arms so the alcohol doesn't touch the rubber. Then you spray the mixture liberally and scrub the screen using the rough side of a common dish washing sponge. I hope you know what I'm talking about.

I did multiple passes of this and then just wiped the screen dry using two towels (I'm an auto detailing amateur so I used a special glass microfiber towel and then a waffle weave towel for streak-free finish).


You can be extra thorough and clay-bar the screen but there shouldn't be too many contaminants unless the car sees industrial areas a lot.


Finally the wipers. The Trico and Bosch are alright but nothing comes close to Denso. You know when people say that Michelin produces the best tires, hands down? Same can be said about Denso. A lot of people will tell you that and even people working in the industry say Denso does the best job. And Denso are most likely the OEM manufacturer meaning the car originally rolled off the factory floor with Denso wipers.


The best for performance and look are the hybrid wipers.


But first try to decontaminate your screen and it should greatly help even with Bosch wipers. There's also the possibility that the screen is so pitted that the only thing you can do is either use rain-repellent so you don't need to use your wipers or replace the windscreen. It's especially a problem if the car has seen highway driving a lot.

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